Centrifugal Feeders

High speed, low noise, less maintenance and fewer particles; those are the advantages of our centrifugal feeders. Gruber A/S develops and manufactures a complete line of centrifugal feeders from Ø 350mm to Ø 800mm or even larger. We are supplying medical device manufacturers and quality-driven OEM’s with centrifugal feeders as well as feeding systems including linear drivers, bunkers and elevators. Medical packaging such as syringes, barrels, siliconized rubber stoppers, plastic and aluminum caps are among our specialties. You are more than welcome to give us a challenge. Just provide us with product samples, intended speed and desired form of delivery into the assembly line. We will evaluate product feasibility in our testing facilities and provide you with qualified details to the optimal solution. Below you will find videos on different products sorted in Gruber centrifugal feeders.