Customer segments

At Gruber we believe that quality goes beyond our products and services, quality is an essential aspect of life.

Stoma care

Gruber helps ensure dignity and confidence to colostomy patients.
Industry leaders within ostomy care rely on Gruber to precisely punch an assortment of plastic films, textiles, foam and coal filters for extremely dependable high performance ostomy-care products.

Medical Packaging

173 million diabetics depend on Gruber technology for a better quality of life.
Over half of the global consumption of seals for insulin pens and vials are made on Gruber assembly machines with Gruber punching tools. Catheters, syringes and other health assisting products are packed with the use of Gruber’s know-how and expertise within punching, feeding and welding techniques. Alu-foil and alu/plastic laminates are among our specialities.

Metal packaging

Looking for cost reductions, let Gruber help.
If you are a manufacturing professional you know that cost efficiency is not at all about pursuing the cheapest components.  Gruber manufactures tools that are built to last and they are very often delivered with a “one-hundred-million-punch- warranty” and we are not talking about life-time. We are simply referring to the guaranteed number of punches between sharpening services. Try mentioning that to your current supplier…


Some machines are just more reliable than others.
Gruber creates value to some of Europe´s most successful machine-builders. Our punching tools are used in production- and packaging machines that are designed to run and run and run. Clock-work accuracy and preventive maintenance systems are key factors to ongoing production efficiency.  We supply OEM´s with punching tools and centrifugal feeders.