High quality tools on a limited budget

Would you like a high quality tool on a limited budget?

Gruber offers the manufacture of quality tools at competitive prices. We adapt your tools to match your needs and budget.

Normally, the shaping parts of conventional tools are made with wire erosion. At Gruber, you have the possibility to increase the quality of your tool. We can offer to make you a grinding surface on our new, highly advanced coordinate grinder.

Which conventional tool should Gruber help you with?

  • Guidance cutting tools
  • Stamping tools
  • Punching tools
  • Servicing of tools

Progressive dies, stamping, cutting and punching tools

Gruber’s conventional tools range covers progressive dies, stamping, cutting and punching tools at material thicknesses from 0.1 mm.

Adapt the quality to your needs

Get the right quality for your needs. Gruber adapts your tool so you get the quality you need. If for example you only produce a limited number of items, then we can adapt the tool to give you corresponding savings on the price.

Great know-how

Gruber has been producing high quality tools for more than 40 years. This high quality can be attributed in particular to our 15 skilled employees, who have both extensive know-how and lengthy experience in the design and manufacture of tools.

Market’s best grinding

Gruber has recently invested in a HAUSER 2000 coordinate grinder, which means that we are now the tool factory with the best coordinate grinder in all of Northern Europe. Because our new coordinate grinder is so fast and effective, we are also offering a new service: coordinate grinding of conventional tools. Where possible, we coordinate grind all the cutting parts of the tool to ensure you high precision and sharp cut surfaces.

Joined-up design

Fewer work tasks, better use of materials and less wear on the processed items and tools. When Gruber’s engineers design your conventional tool, then they consider every detail of how your tool can fit most optimally into precisely your production.

Premium class service

When you purchase a tool from Gruber, then we can also offer you a service agreement. We know your tools and therefore know exactly how to service them best and make any repairs.
With a service agreement from Gruber you can arrange service intervals that not only match your needs but also take into account your individual production plan.

Which conventional tool should Gruber help you with?

  • Guidance cutting tools
  • Stamping tools
  • Punching tools
  • Servicing of tools

Gruber adapts the quality of your tool to your needs and budget.

Contact Poul Bek on +45 2687 2200 if you would like grinding tools at competitive prices.

Poul Bek, CEO
Poul Bek, CEO+45 2687 2200

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