Gruber builds machinery that matches your production

1100 items per minute. This is how quickly Gruber’s specialist machinery can line caps for insulin with rubber. Our centrifugal feeders are even faster at sorting and positioning your items: a feeder can handle up to 1500 items per minute.

Lining as well as positioning is done so fast that your eyes cannot keep up with the process, but regardless, every single item is lined and positioned correctly.

If you have more specialized wishes, Gruber can develop an advanced machine solution that fulfils the precise need in your production.

How would you like to automate your production?

  • Automatic assemblers
  • Centrifugal feeders
  • Semi-automatic assemblers

Quick assembly

A centrifugal feeder in your production ensures you fast and correct assembly of an extremely large number of items. The speed depends on the item, but Gruber has built centrifugal feeders that can position up to three million items a day: that’s more than 1500 items a minute.

Careful handling

Gruber takes pride in building your centrifugal feeders or specialist machinery in such a way that you avoid wear on your items. For example, we use a very smooth surface treatment on our centrifugal feeder plates and bowls that ensures positioning is made as gently as possible.

Flexible system and quick changeover

Gruber has developed a system for our centrifugal feeders that is suitable for all item sizes. Choose from bowls with 350 mm, 500 mm or 850 mm in diameter. With a centrifugal feeder from Gruber, our system ensures you a speedy changeover to another similar item.

Quiet production

Gruber’s centrifugal feeders and specialist machinery are extremely quiet. A quiet production provides a better working environment for your employees.

Joined-up design

Faster production, fewer work tasks and less wear on items and machinery. When Gruber’s engineers design your centrifugal feeder or specialist machinery, then they consider every detail of how the machine can fit most optimally into precisely your production.

Stepless speed

Stepless speed regulation on the centrifugal feeder plate and bowl ensures you optimal sorting conditions.

Premium class service

When you purchase a centrifugal feeder or specialist machinery from Gruber, then we can also offer you a service agreement. We know your machine down to the smallest detail, so we can quickly fix any problems or repair the machine if it breaks.

With a service agreement from Gruber you can arrange service intervals that not only match your needs but also take into account your individual production plan.

Get a free laboratory test

Do you have an item you would like to have positioned better, quicker and with greater care?
Send us 30 – 40 samples, and we will carry out a test with our laboratory feeds and send you a report with recommendations for improvements.

How would you like to automate your production?

  • Automatic assemblers
  • Centrifugal feeders
  • Semi-automatic assemblers

Gruber’s ingenious use of centrifugal force has helped complete many different sorting tasks.

Contact Poul Bek on +45 2687 2200 for a chat about how Gruber can find a solution for your challenges.

Poul Bek, CEO
Poul Bek, CEO+45 2687 2200

Download our printable sheets on centrifugal feeders and specialized machinery

The automatic assembler  first positions the package in a linear feeder and the cap in a centrifugal feeder, after which the assembler places the package in the cap. Development and production of the automatic production equipment is the result of a strategic collaboration between Rimbøl Teknik and Gruber.

Use the same centrifugal feeder for your different items. Gruber designs your feeder so you can position many different items with the same feeder. The video shows how you change the format to position a different item. The changeover takes less than five minutes.

Gruber has developed this special machine that punches out a rubber membrane and places it directly into a cap. A round table then rotates the cap and leads it on to repressing and cleaning stations and finally to another round table for inspection under two machine vision cameras.

Positioning of sterile rubber caps. The caps are almost symmetrical at top and bottom, but despite the tiny difference the centrifugal feeder is able to position all items correctly.

Positioning  of aluminium caps for the medical industry. The feeder can position 1200 caps per minute.