Strong competencies, Innovative & Perfect working Environment

Strong competences

Gruber A/S is highly proficient in the development and production of punching tools with tolerances second to none.

We also develop rubber lining and cap welding machines which produce caps for medical/pharmaceutical packaging, e.g. caps/seals used on insulin vials. Today, 50% of all insulin pens produced has caps made with Gruber A/S tools and machinery.

An innovative production environment

Gruber A/S has established a unique development and production facility in Haderslev, Denmark.

The Engineering and Design Department have at their disposal equipment and resources for development and production tasks of considerable volume.

We also work in collaboration with other specialists when needed, to ensure special or specific customer requirements are always met.


Perfect physical working environment                            

Gruber’s 1,500 m2 production area gives sufficient space for the Development, Engineering and Production Departments. An air-condition system ensures that the production area has a constant temperature of 20oC, contributing to a very high level of precision and accuracy of measurement. Our uncompromising demands for accuracy ensure longer product durability, providing lower expenses for machine maintenance.

Gruber A/S manufactures special purpose machines and production components for our customers that meet the clean room standards (classification 7) of the American Health Authorities – Food and Drug Administration (FDA).