History, Mission and Vision

Our History

In the early 1960’s Franz Gruber, a talented tool maker from Switzerland was offered a position at Danfoss A/S in Nordborg, Denmark. While working at Danfoss, Franz out of his sheer love for his craft and his persistence for detail and perfection put in many long hours at work which gave him the opportunity to fine tune his skills. Word of Franz’s skills spread within the tool making industry and he was offered a position as a Foreman for Homann A/S which specialized in can production tools. Through his knowledge and passion for uncompromising detail and quality he quickly turned his trade into an art of precision craftsmanship which still sets precedence today within the tool making industry.

In 1978 Franz started his own company, Gruber A/S. From its origin, Gruber concentrated on the manufacturing of cutting and punching tools. Eventually Gruber developed and produced lining and cap welding machines, centrifugal feeders and after the acquisition of Homann A/S in 2009 even offers can production tools.

Franz Gruber enjoyed having somewhat of an eccentric image, this was due to his unwillingness to compromise on quality and he was extremely knowledgeable and respected in his industry and by his employees, some of which have been working for Gruber for 30 years. Gruber products became synonymous with a state of the art quality and precision comparable to none.

Within a relatively short amount of time Franz Gruber’s perfectionist standards enabled him to build a solid expertise in the manufacturing of customer specific solutions, primarily to companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers grew steadily, generating Gruber’s customer base to grow without using any means of marketing.

Keeping in sync with Franz Gruber’s exceptional standards for precision and accuracy, Gruber continually utilizes the ideas and concepts based on Franz Gruber’s development. An extremely knowledgeable, skilled and experienced staff keeps the precision standards at an optimum level.

Our Mission

Gruber A/S is developing, manufacturing and servicing high-precision tools as well as specialized machines for Medical- and other industries driven by quality, performance and safety.


Gruber A/S aims to be globally recognized and respected as a quality-driven supplier of high-precision punching tools and machines for medical devices and specialized packaging.