About us



Tool manufacturer Gruber produces tools and specialist machinery for production companies.

Our core products are durable and efficient punching tools, but we also manufacture guidance tools, centrifugal feeders and specialist machinery. Our primary focus is to find a solution to your challenges and increase the efficiency of your production.

In close dialogue

Gruber develops your unique tools and machinery in close and credible dialogue with you. We are happy to accompany you from the idea phase right up until you have your finished product.

Our tool engineers design the most efficient and cost-effective solution, and our skilled employees in the workshop ensure that your tools are durable and precise.

40 years of passion for precision

For more than four decades, precision has been a keyword for Gruber. Our tools are – genuinely – the most precise on the market, and this is the reason why Gruber is the preferred supplier for many of the biggest players in the medical industry. We are simply the tool manufacturer that best lives up to their high demands on precision.

Many of our processes are wholly unique, but so are our customers.

We look forward to working with you.